3 Girls Doodle: Positivity In Negativity Out


“Positivity In Negativity Out”


This moth’s page is actually a Meditation! Enjoy <3
in out

This is a visual representation of Nadi Sodhana (Alternate Nostril Breathing). This is a balancing practice as each nostril oxygenates a different side of the brain. Most people are familiar with the right and left brain each dominating certain characteristics, this breathing exercise is meant to promotes balance in the mind and body.

Suggested Exercise:

  • Write down some of your current stressors in the “Out” section, if you need more room, continue on the back. Use this to get those negative thoughts out of your mind.
  • Write down some things that bring you joy or excitement in the “In” section. If you need more room, continue writing all over the front of the page. Visualize the positive energy in your words surrounding you.
  • Color the page while listening to soothing music. Bringing your mind to your breath as you go along. Imagine positivity coming in as you inhale, and negatively leaving your body as you exhale.
  • Optional: Practice Nadi Sodhana breathing. Here is a video link introducing you to the practice.

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