Do you want to Doodle With Me?

3 Ways to Connect

1- Doodle 101 with Lili (Coming in 2016)

A drawing basics Class for Children and Adults.

The class will be custom designed for YOUR needs be it Home, School, or Work.

2- Live Doodle on Periscope

Join me LIVE and we can doodle together in real time.

3- Join 3 Girls Doodle

This is a artistic collaboration between blogging friends. 3 monthly coloring pages, a Facebook group for shatter, and social media fun.


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Doodle Institute Affiliate

I’ve decided to join Diane Bleck and her crusade to Unlock Creativity and Open the Heart Channel. She is changing people’s lives by teaching them how to doodle and I want to do the same. If you want to get to know Diane, I recommend you check out her Live Periscope Videos (you have to download the app and follow her @dianebleck , also click here for watch older videos on Katch.me)

If you’re curious about changing your life through doodling check out the Doodle Institute by clicking here!


The Doodle Institute is a collection of courses, workshops to “Unlock Creativity at Home, School or Work.” We believe when you put to paper you open your heart channel for Ideas, Insights and Inspirations. Visual Learning can be applied to so many areas of life.

– Early Childhood
– Around the World
– Math & Science
– Maps & Models
– Business & Technology
– Hopes & Dreams
– Health & Healing